Woman Discovers Creepy Video on Boyfriend’s Phone (VIDEO)

We’ve all experienced that unsettling feeling when something unexpected pops up on our phones. Whether it’s a stranger air-dropping inappropriate content or an unexplained presence in our music library, these surprises can send shivers down our spines. One woman recently took to Reddit to seek help after stumbling upon a bizarre and eerie video on her boyfriend’s iPhone 12. The video, which she describes as “creepy,” has left her and other Redditors puzzled and concerned.

The Discovery

Around a year ago, the woman, who goes by the username ‘GuavaDangerous8346,’ recalls her boyfriend scrolling through the photo library on his iPhone 12 when he stumbled upon a video that sent chills down their spines. Describing the footage as “really creepy,” she shared her concerns on Reddit, seeking advice and hoping for answers. The video appears to have been recorded unintentionally, showing someone getting into a car before the camera abruptly drops, plunging into darkness. Eerie sounds of heavy breathing, sobbing, or panting, along with loud banging, intensify the unnerving atmosphere of the video. This disturbing discovery raises questions about its origin, purpose, and the implications it might hold.

Context and Analysis

The woman provides additional context about the video, stating that it was dated back to February 2019 and was not found in any imports or downloads section of the phone. This detail eliminates the possibility of her boyfriend downloading edgy content from Twitter or any similar platform. Moreover, she clarifies that her boyfriend was not actively using social media at that time, ruling out the chance of the video being sourced from a social media platform. Redditors speculate various explanations, including the video being shared through a WhatsApp group chat or an accidental Airdrop situation. However, none of these theories seem to align with the available information.

Uncovering the Mystery

As the video continues to perplex viewers, some Redditors have conducted a detailed analysis of its content. At approximately nine seconds into the footage, one or more individuals can be seen standing near the car, sending chills down the spines of those watching. One user suggests that the person holding the camera might have been recording the potential attackers as a precautionary measure. Another disturbing theory that emerges is the possibility of someone documenting what they believed to be the last moments before the person in the video was attacked or killed. The chilling atmosphere is further heightened by claims of audible metal bending noises and suggestions of someone climbing on top of the car. On the other hand, some speculate that the banging sounds could be attributed to a hysterical drunk person punching the car’s ceiling during a meltdown. The true nature and intention behind this unsettling video remain shrouded in mystery.

Seeking Explanations

One possibility raised is that the footage could be a result of an accidental recording triggered by a pocket dial or misoperation of the phone. This explanation, although plausible, fails to account for the disturbing sounds and the presence of other individuals near the car. Another hypothesis revolves around the idea of the video being a prank or a staged occurrence. However, the intensity of the emotions captured in the footage makes it difficult to dismiss it as mere fiction. The lack of definitive explanations only adds to the intrigue and unease surrounding this peculiar discovery.

Similar Cases and Urban Legends

While this particular video continues to baffle viewers, it is not the first time unsettling content has surfaced on someone’s phone or computer. Similar cases have been reported, leading to speculation about the origins and intentions behind such videos. Urban legends and creepy pasta stories often revolve around mysterious videos that appear out of nowhere, leaving a trail of questions and fear in their wake. These tales fuel our fascination with the unknown and our collective fear of the dark side of technology.

Ultimately, one Reddit user had an explanation of the video:

Its not real. Its a video created for the ARG “The Sun Vanished” which started in 2018. Context is the guy is trying to get to his car but 2 evil strobe light head things are gaurding it. He fights one off but get his arm broken in the process. The arm ends up not healing and his veins in that arm turn black.

Heres a video recapping the whole series. The actual video is covered at 31:00 minutes https://youtu.be/fahujLokim4?si=-d5DAaQLnR8VrOO


  1. Think he hit video phone accidentally on, happens all the time. And he was either drunk and despondent and upset. Maybe he slipped on patch ice while trying to get into car.


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