Woman Discovers She’s Related to Her Husband…While She Was Pregnant!

I happened to come across a video the other day from the movie, “The Stupids” in which the dad was singing the song, “I’m My Own Grandpa”. In the song, he explains how it came to be that he was his own grandpa.

While not the same exact situation, Marcella and her husband made a shocking discovery while they were preparing to welcome their new baby that created some strange family ties. They were related by blood.

Marcella, a TikTok blogger known as @beingmarcellahill to her nearly 300k followers, decided to share the story of how she “accidentally married her cousin” in a video.


Funny story… I accidentally married my cousin. We had no idea our Grandma and Grandpa were 1st cousins. Oops. #funnystory #marcellahill #wakeherup #marriage #marriedlife #awakening #momsoftiktok #grandmasoftiktok

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The couple had been searching through family trees on the same website when they realized that their namesakes matched up – their great-great grandparents were cousins. Upon confirming with their elders, it was revealed that Marcella and her husband were third cousins, having grown up together in the same neighborhood.

In light of the strange news, Marcella joked about how now she and her husband get “to go [to their family reunions] at the same time”. The audience found it amusing as well, although some commented that being third cousins is not a big deal. To this joke Marcella responded: “But still weird we share our Great Great Grandma and Grandpa.”

To those curious enough to query why this wasn’t discovered before the wedding, Marcella added a follow-up video which explained that theirs was a private courthouse wedding without any family present. This led some commenters to continue lightheartedly arguing that everyone must be related if you go back far enough; one even joked that this meant Marcella’s baby was its own fourth cousin!

Marcella may have had a shock when she realized the truth about her husband, but it’s clear that nothing came of it – except for some interesting conversations. Her story serves as an inspiring reminder that you can’t choose who you fall in love with!


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