Woman Finds Missing Husband 8 Months Later in Closet

It was a shocking discovery for an Illinois woman who found her missing husband’s mummified body in their closet while searching for Christmas decorations. The woman had reported her husband missing eight months earlier, and it was only when she went to retrieve the decorations that she stumbled upon the grisly scene.

According to reports, the man’s body was found buried behind boxes of Christmas ornaments and other decorations. The cause of death has not been officially confirmed, but it is believed that he died by suicide.

The discovery has left many people wondering how his body could go undiscovered for so long when it was in his home all along. Some have speculated that the woman may have been suffering from some form of mental illness or trauma that prevented her from fully processing what had happened.

Others have pointed out that the couple may have had a strained relationship, which could explain why the woman did not notice her husband’s absence sooner. Whatever the case may be, this is a tragic reminder of how important it is to stay connected with loved ones and to seek help if you are struggling with mental health issues.

Too Fab reported,

There was no sign of Richard for nearly eight months, until Jennifer went looking for Christmas decorations and discovered his body in a hidden closet under a stairway. According to the coroner, his body was in a “mummified state,” with no further injuries or foul play suspected.

Richard’s family is now criticizing the local police department for not discovering him sooner.

“Mistakes were made, and I want answers. If it means filing a complaint and going all the way to the governor, I will,” his sister told BND. “I’m not going away. I’m just now beginning to say stuff out loud. I should have been screaming from the beginning, but I was suckered in by the police department saying they were doing their job and looking for him.”


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