Woman Mysteriously Receives $20K Worth of Lottery Tickets from FedEx

A Massachusetts woman, Danielle Alexandrov, recently found herself in possession of a FedEx package containing a really bizarre surprise. What she found was $20,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. The bewildering delivery left her wondering if it was a joke or a stroke of luck. As she delved deeper into the mystery, she discovered that the tickets held no immediate value and had actually been intended for a local store.

The Unexpected Delivery

Danielle Alexandrov received an unexpected package from FedEx, containing an assortment of boxes. Curiosity piqued, she began opening them one by one, finding normal items until she reached a particularly heavy box. To her astonishment, she discovered that it was filled with scratch-off lottery tickets. Doubt and confusion filled her mind as she wondered whether this was an elaborate prank. However, her skepticism subsided as she examined the enclosed receipt, revealing that the tickets were valued at a staggering $20,000.

The Value of Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Although the package seemed like a potential windfall, the truth was that the scratch-off tickets held no immediate value. As Christian Teja from the Massachusetts State Lottery explained, “These tickets, until they’re activated by a retail agent, there’s really no value to them.” In other words, these tickets needed to be officially validated by an authorized seller before any potential winnings could be claimed. Without this validation, the tickets were nothing more than paper with the potential for future excitement.

The Misdelivery and Its Consequences

Unbeknownst to Danielle, the scratch-off lottery tickets were actually intended for a store called Kenyon’s Market, situated in Cape Cod’s town of Falmouth. The misdelivery by FedEx had led the package astray, ending up at Danielle’s address instead. It is unclear how this mix-up occurred, but the consequences of the error became apparent once Danielle realized the true destination of the tickets. Despite the allure of a potential fortune, Danielle made the decision to return the tickets to their rightful place.


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