Worst Umpire in MLB Under Fire for Disastrous Game

MLB umpire Ángel Hernandez found himself at the center of controversy during a game between the Atlanta Braves and the San Francisco Giants. His questionable strike calls sparked outrage among players, fans, and commentators alike.

The Game-Changing Pitches

Braves pitcher Max Fried delivered two pitches that were clearly outside the strike zone, yet Hernandez controversially called them strikes. These calls defied the pitch charts provided by Codify, revealing a significant discrepancy between the actual location of the pitches and Hernandez’s interpretation.

The first pitch in question was a breaking ball that veered far off the plate, leaving the batter and spectators astonished. Despite the obvious deviation from the strike zone, Hernandez deemed it a strike. The second pitch, also outside the zone, further intensified the frustration and disbelief among the Braves players and coaching staff.

Marcell Ozuna’s Unfortunate Strikeout

In the second inning, Atlanta outfielder Marcell Ozuna fell victim to another bad call by Hernandez. The pitch, aimed at Ozuna’s shins, was undeniably low and should have been called a ball. However, Hernandez ruled it a strike and sent Ozuna back to the dugout in disbelief. Even the broadcasters were astounded by the call, further fueling the controversy surrounding Hernandez’s umpiring skills.

Umpire Ángel Hernandez: A History of Criticism

Hernandez has long been criticized for his questionable calls and inconsistent strike zone judgments. Baseball fans and analysts have repeatedly voiced their dissatisfaction, questioning his competence as an umpire. Unfortunately, his performance during the Braves-Giants game did nothing to dispel these concerns.

Giants Secure Victory Despite Controversial Calls

Despite the contentious calls made by Hernandez, the San Francisco Giants emerged victorious with a 4-3 win over the Braves. Giants outfielder Joc Pederson drew a bases-loaded walk in the ninth inning, ultimately helping his team secure the victory. Additionally, Luis Matos and Wilmer Flores contributed to the Giants’ success with their home runs.

Post-Game Reactions and Statements

Following the game, Giants manager Gabe Kapler acknowledged the less-than-ideal nature of the match but expressed satisfaction with the win. He praised his team for their resilience and labeled it a significant road victory against a formidable opponent like the Braves.

The Ongoing Debate

Hernandez’s controversial calls in the Braves-Giants game reignited the ongoing debate about the use of technology in umpiring decisions. Proponents argue that implementing automated strike zones could eliminate human error and ensure fairer outcomes. On the other hand, traditionalists maintain that umpires are an integral part of the game’s fabric and that human judgment should prevail.


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