WWE Boss Vince McMahon Hit with Federal Subpoena

Vince McMahon, the prominent figure behind World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has become the target of a federal investigation. The allegations against McMahon stem from payments he is said to have made to women who accused him of sexual impropriety. These payments were disclosed by the WWE shortly after McMahon retired as CEO, leading to the initiation of an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and federal prosecutors. The investigation was launched one year ago, but it gained further momentum with the recent execution of a search warrant on July 17th by federal law enforcement.

McMahon’s Current Status and Medical Leave

Amidst the ongoing investigation, McMahon is currently on medical leave due to major spinal surgery. Although he remains the Executive Chairman of the WWE, he is expected to remain on leave until further notice. The corporation has confirmed that McMahon went on medical leave following his surgery, emphasizing his continued role as Executive Chairman in his absence.

Legal Demands and Cooperation

The WWE has acknowledged receiving both voluntary and compulsory legal demands for documents from federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies. These demands are related to the investigation and other associated matters. CEO Nick Khan has stated that the company is fully cooperating with the investigation, while refraining from commenting on any legal matters beyond that. It is important to note that no charges have been brought against McMahon or the WWE at this time.

The Endeavor Group Merger

Despite the ongoing investigation, the WWE is still anticipated to merge with the UFC, forming a new company controlled by The Endeavor Group. The merger is scheduled to take place later this year, according to the WWE’s latest report. Under the terms of the merger, Endeavor will own a majority stake of 51% in the new company, while current WWE shareholders will retain 49%.

Potential Implications for the WWE

The federal investigation and its potential outcomes could have significant implications for the WWE. If charges are ultimately filed against McMahon or the corporation, it could result in reputational damage and financial repercussions. The WWE’s partnership with The Endeavor Group may also be affected, depending on the outcome of the investigation. Investors and shareholders will closely monitor the developments in this case, as it could impact the overall stability and future prospects of the company.


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