4 Possible Scenarios of What Could Have Happened to Titan Submersible

UPDATE: As I’m sure you all are aware, the debris from the submersible has been found. The vehicle imploded due to the pressure of the depths of the ocean in some fashion. However, there were other possibilities that could have happened as well had it not imploded.

Here are four possible scenarios for what could have happened to the missing submersible, based on the available evidence and expert opinions.

  1. Fire: Another possibility is that there could have been an onboard fire. Experts warn that even though the submarine is submerged underwater, it is still possible for a fire to occur. This could have disastrous consequences in multiple ways. A fire could produce toxic fumes that may render the crew unconscious. Additionally, a blaze could damage the electronic systems used for navigation and control. Fires are particularly dangerous in enclosed underwater environments, he added.

  2. Lost at Sea on the Surface: It’s also possible that the Titan simply drifted away from its mothership and got lost at sea on the surface of the ocean, unable to be located or tracked down again due to its small size and lack of visibility from above water.

  3. Lost at Sea Underwater: A third possibility is that it could have become lost at sea underwater due to strong currents or other underwater phenomena which made it impossible for it to be located again once submerged beneath the waves.

  4. Stuck Inside the Titanic: Finally, some believe that it’s possible that something could have went wrong during its exploration of the Titanic wreck site and that it became stuck inside one of its many chambers or crevices, unable to be retrieved without specialized equipment or expertise. This actually happened before to a different vessel. This would be the most unlikely scenario in my opinion.


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