Dominos to Begin New Delivery Service That Will Blow You Away

The world we live in is become more and more advanced with each and every passing day. At least, in some areas. Our world and especially our own country are still a mess, butat least we’re advancing technologically.

If you are a fan of pizza and jet suits, you might be interested in the latest innovation from Domino’s. The pizza chain has partnered with Gravity Industries to trial the world’s first jet suit pizza delivery service at this year’s Glastonbury Festival .

The jet suit pizza delivery service is a world first and was inspired by this year’s headliner, Elton John, who famously sang “Rocket Man”. Domino’s said they wanted to offer a fast and innovative way to feed campers who can’t bring food into the festival grounds.

The jet suit is a custom-made device that allows the pilot to fly at speeds of up to 80 mph and reach altitudes of 12,000 feet. It also has a special compartment to keep the pizzas warm and secure during flight.

The jet suit is fully customized to keep the pilot safe and the pizza warm. It has a special compartment for the pizza boxes and a thermal lining to maintain the temperature. The pilot wears a helmet with a heads-up display that shows the GPS coordinates of the customers.

The trial was launched on Sunday, when a Domino’s delivery driver-turned-pilot flew from a nearby store to the fields of Worthy Farm. He landed in front of a group of festival-goers and handed them their pizzas . The customers were amazed by the spectacle and enjoyed their hot slices.

Domino’s said that the jet suit delivery service is still in its early stages, but they hope to make it available to more customers in the future. They said that they want to provide a fast and convenient service that can satisfy any pizza craving.


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