77-Year-Old Woman Gets Unusual Dream Wedding

Dorothy Fideli, a 77-year-old woman from Ohio, had a dream come true when she got her dream wedding. The strange thing about it though is that she married herself in a ceremony at her retirement home.

Fideli, who was previously married in a simple courthouse wedding in 1965, always wanted to have a big celebration of love. She decided to honor herself and her life journey by tying the knot with herself, surrounded by her friends, family and neighbors.

Fideli got the idea of marrying herself from her neighbors, who saw a woman do something similar on a talk show. She asked Rob Geiger, the property manager of her retirement home, to officiate the ceremony. Geiger agreed and praised Fideli for being a wonderful person who always thought of others. Fideli’s daughter, Donna Pennington, also supported her mother’s decision and helped her with the preparations. She bought her a white dress with floral details, a veil and a silver belt. She also cooked and decorated the community room with balloons, cookies and a two-tiered cake.

Fideli said she was nervous but excited for the big day. She walked down the aisle holding a white lily, which she used as a symbol of self-love. She said that people often focus on the outer appearance of things, but forget about the inner beauty and wisdom that God gives them. She said that marrying herself was a way of celebrating her inner lily and thanking God for his love.

“I have been with myself for 40 years,” she said according to KCEN, adding that while she was at church she realized she wanted to “do something special” for herself. “Now I have a second chance in doing something that’ll make me happy.”

Fideli said that marrying herself was one of the best things that ever happened to her, besides having her children. She said that she felt happy and fulfilled, and that she hoped to inspire other people to love themselves and follow their dreams.

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