Amazon Confirms They Shut Down Man’s Smart Home After Accusation

On Wednesday, Amazon confirmed that it had shut down a man’s smart home after a delivery truck driver misheard and wrongly accused him of making a racist remark. The incident began when the driver heard an automated greeting from the customer’s doorbell, which was misinterpreted as a racial slur.

The customer, Brandon Jackson, was shocked to find out that his Amazon account had been locked and his access to his smart home devices had been revoked. He contacted Amazon to try and resolve the issue but was told that they could not provide any further information until an investigation had been completed.

The investigation revealed that no one was home at the time of the incident and that there was no evidence of any racism on Mr. Jackson’s part. However, Amazon still refused to unlock his account or restore access to his devices until he provided proof that he did not make any such remarks.

After providing evidence, Mr. Jackson finally got access back to his Amazon account and smart home devices after a week-long ordeal. This incident has sparked outrage among many people who are concerned about how companies like Amazon handle such situations in the future. It also raises questions about how much trust customers should be able to put into these companies when it comes to their personal data and privacy rights.

Amazon has since released a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused by this incident and has promised to review their policies in order to ensure similar incidents do not happen again in the future. They have also stated that they take allegations of racism very seriously and will continue to investigate any claims made against them in order to protect their customers’ rights and safety.

This story serves as an important reminder for all of us about how easily misunderstandings can occur due to automated systems or misinterpretations of language. It is also a reminder of how important it is for companies like Amazon to take responsibility for their actions when something goes wrong with their services or products, especially when it involves sensitive issues like racism or discrimination.


  1. I hope Mr. Jackson makes a polite request to Amazon to change ALL of his smart home devices over to a more reliable, i.e., less bigoted, company, to pay for any additional costs for 10 years, and pays him for his inconvenience.


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