Apparent Miracle Being Investigated at Catholic Church in Connecticut

The small town of Thomaston, Connecticut is home to St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church, a 19th century building that reflects the typical understated beauty of old Catholic Churches. Recently, something miraculous happened at this church that has people from all over the area flocking to it.

As Easter draws near, devout Catholics are making the pilgrimage to Thomaston following reports of a divine miracle. Furthermore, this extraordinary event is now careful scrutiny from the Archdiocese of Hartford.

“We had something happen,” said St. Thomas pastor, Father Joseph Crowley during a Sunday Lenten Mass just two weeks from Easter. He addressed his congregation just minutes after the apparent miracle took place.

“What happened is our Lord multiplied himself,” said Fr. Crowley.

Catholics consider Eucharistic wafers to become the body of Christ during communion. It is said that these hosts have potentially multiplied inside a sacred container known as a ciborium when blessed by God.

After the miraculous event, Father Crowley remarked in awe “A very cool miracle. There’s no doubt. I have absolutely no doubt.” The Eucharistic minister had noticed that there were not enough hosts for all of those present at the service and was about to fetch more when a remarkable occurrence happened – somehow, miraculously, the limited amount of hosts reportedly multiplied several times over!

For certain parishioners, the miracle instilled faith in their hearts. “Just feel it,” suggested Jean Beck. “How can one not believe when they look at all that is occurring?”

Beck expressed her experience as something she will carry with her forever – two days prior to this miraculous moment, she lost her mother who had been a long-time member of the church. She said it was an incredibly glowing and fulfilling event that brought solace to her heart amidst such grief.

The Archdiocese of Hartford said the investigation into the reported miracle will take at least two weeks.

“It surprises me. I hope it’s real. If it isn’t at least it will bring somebody back to faith and we know that these things can happen,” remarked parishioner Michael Conway.

Archbishop Leonard Blair recently announced his intention to conduct an investigative study, which may include a scientific or forensic examination of the communion hosts. For this purpose, he has appointed an experienced priest with knowledge in Canon Law who will carry out a methodical inspection of what happened, under what circumstances and by whom. The results of that investigation will determine if there is need for notification to be sent to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. According to Blair: “The guidelines do indicate that I must notify Rome should these kinds of events occur.”

Since the start of the 21st century, only four Eucharistic miracles have been confirmed by the Catholic Church – with 2013 being an especially remarkable year. In Poland that year, a host which fell to ground was placed into water in hopes of it dissolving; yet instead its surface became covered with red stains that revealed remnants of heart muscle when tested!

At St. Thomas Church, the esteemed Rev. Michael McGivney once served and is now Blessed after a miracle was attributed to him in 2020. With one additional recognized miracle, he could find himself on track to be canonized as a saint! To qualify for such an incredible honor, it must be proven that someone has petitioned God specifically using his name in prayer.


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