Britney Spears Gets ‘Brutally Honest’ in New Tell-All Memoir That Will ‘Shake the World’

According to Page Six, Britney Spears has finished writing her memoir with the help of ghostwriter Sam Lansky. Publishing insiders are reportedly excited for its release this fall, claiming that it will be a “groundbreaking instant best-seller” and “inspiring.” They also believe that the book will “shake the world.”

“Britney’s book is a story of triumph,” one insider shared. “It will cover her most vulnerable moments, her childhood – being a little girl with big dreams – her breakup with Justin Timberlake, the moment she shaved her head, and her battle with her family over her conservatorship.”

“It is also a story of survival, finding her way out of the crippling conservatorship to finding happiness with her husband Sam Ashgari,” the insider added.

Another insider said, “Britney’s book is brutally honest and from the heart. No stone is left unturned. It’s truly a female empowerment story – her taking control of her life.”

According to reports, Britney Spears’ publisher, Simon & Schuster, is “thrilled” with her upcoming book, which is planned to be released before the holidays. Britney first hinted about the book on Instagram in January 2022 when she posted a photo of a typewriter and asked, “Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???”

In a recent post, Spears wrote

“I’m in love with the life I have built for myself !!! I should be, it’s f***ing beautiful … and it’s pretty crazy after all the hard work I’ve done in getting rid of my father’s abuse and controlling me, literally messing with my head after 13 years believe it or not people !!!”

“I don’t have a family that values me or respects me …. AT ALL !!!” she added, in another post, the outlet noted. “That’s the hard part for me and as much as I loved them, it’s something that I’ll probably ever won’t be able to get over. When I post in those moments, I just want to speak from my heart cause it’s extremely hard for me and then I look back and I see how many people say get over it … I’m working on becoming stronger !!! Psss I’ve written 3 different versions of my book and had LOTS of therapy through the process.”

After a judge ruled in November 2021 to end the conservatorship that Britney Spears had been under since 2008, some fans have expressed concern over the singer’s well-being. This is due to her posting a lot of nude photos, rants, and odd videos on social media, while others see this as simply her being true to herself.


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