Burger King Releases New Meatless ‘Burger’ Unlike Any Other

Burger King has recently launched a new meatless burger option, but it’s not quite what you would expect it to be. In fact, it’s far different. The new “burger”, if it’s even accurate to call it that, consists of 20 slices of cheese stacked between two buns. The “burger” is part of the chain’s “Meatless Monday” promotion that aims to encourage customers to reduce their meat consumption and environmental impact.

According to a press release from Burger King Thailand, the cheese “burger” is “a delicious way to enjoy a meat-free meal that still delivers on taste and satisfaction.” The chain also claims that the burger provides 60 grams of protein and 80 percent of the daily calcium requirement.

However, not everyone is impressed by the cheese “burger”. Some nutritionists have criticized the burger for being high in calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol, and low in fiber, vitamins and minerals. One nutritionist told People magazine that the burger is “a heart attack waiting to happen” and that it would be healthier to eat a regular beef burger instead.

Burger King Thailand is not the first to offer a cheese-only “burger”. In 2010, Burger King Japan introduced a similar product that had five slices of cheese and no meat. The burger was part of a limited-time campaign that celebrated the chain’s fifth anniversary in Japan.

Burger King Thailand’s cheese “burger” is also available for a limited time only, until January 31, 2024. Customers who are interested in trying the meatless burger can order it online or at participating outlets.

I don’t know about you, but frankly this sounds pretty disgusting. Who on earth would want to consume 20 slices of cheese on a bun? Not this guy, I can tell you that. You might could try to talk me into trying it if it were cooked like a grilled cheese, but even then that would still be too much cheese.


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