Crazy Karen Thought She Was Going to Save a Parking Space…Not Today!

A woman by the name of Courtney, and her partner were out enjoying Astros FanFest recently when they had an unexpected encounter with a so-called ‘Karen.’ As Courtney captured the interaction in a video that was posted online, it quickly went viral, receiving 3.7 million views as of January 25.

In the video, the Karen was standing in an empty parking space with her phone in hand, seemingly waiting for someone to help her save the spot for them. When Courtney’s vehicle pulled up to the spot, she immediately approached and accused Courtney’s husband of trying to ruin her day. She then proclaimed that they weren’t real Astros fans if they acted like this, all while drivers around them honked their horns from exasperation.

Courtney’s husband insisted that she needed to find another parking spot and move along before missing out on the show altogether. However, the Karen refused to budge, instead marching up to their car and snapping at him right before storming away – but not before claiming that this incident was karma for their bad behavior.


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The video sparked a variety of reactions from viewers all over. Some were floored by how dramatic she was being over an empty parking spot while others joked that she bore a striking resemblance to both U.S Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mickey Mouse due to her long white gloves. Some even suggested that Courtney should have just pulled into the spot anyway and forced Karen to move out of it rather than get into a standoff with her.

It goes without saying that this type of entitlement should not be tolerated, especially when it affects other people’s enjoyment of an event like FanFest. It is understandable why so many found this situation outrageous when it could have been easily avoided had Karen simply chosen another spot or waited patiently for someone else who may have been saving it for them.

“Just slowly pull in, they always move,” one viewer proposed.

“If they dont move my dad just continues to park anyways,” another shared.

“Love how she’s acting flabbergasted by YOU,” one user commented.

“I honestly can’t even imagine standing in a parking space and trying to save it for someone,” another wrote.


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