Crime Scene Cleaners Reveal Worst Things They’ve Found

Junior DeSena and Lallbachan, two workers for a company dealing with gore and gruesomeness, have seen their fair share of crime scenes. Junior had never before entertained an interest in this field but the job “simply sounded cool and different” according to him. One of the most gruesome scenes Junior encountered involved two victims who he believes are still alive.

He recounts: “A man had his friend over to hang out at his house at night with him and his wife. There was either alcohol or drugs involved, but something led to the friend finding and grabbing a hammer, and assaulting not only his friend, but his wife. Both the man and his wife were left for hours in different parts of the home, in critical condition, until one of the two had presumably called 911.”

Meanwhile, Lallbachan—who has been working for the undisclosed company for eight or nine years after being referred by a “family friend”—claimed that his worst scene involved a trunk full of dead bodies. During 2020, Junior had to do a job at a hospital in New York where he sanitized four tractor-trailers from COVID-19; however, he didn’t know that these trailers contained unalived people until he saw all of the body bags inside them.

For both men it is difficult to process what they witness on a daily basis; Lallbachan explains how he copes: “I just remind myself that it was not me, or my life. I convince myself that it was not even real, in a way.” Furthermore, DeSena reveals that sometimes driving is more difficult than seeing crime scenes because of unpleasant smells such as cat poop or rotten meat.

Despite all these horrific experiences there are still moments when being part of this profession can be rewarding; as DeSena says “I love that I am mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically strong enough to handle this lifestyle…I love that we get to help people in serious need…and I love that I work a hard job which makes me feel tired and accomplished after every single day.”

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, you can visit their TikTok page, but let me warn you that they do have some things that you may want to turn away from. They typically give you a heads up though.


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