Day Care Owner Arrested for Second Time in Two Weeks

For most of us civilized people who have any common sense about them and aren’t liberals, children are extremely valuable, vulnerable, and should be protected. So, when we see something bad involving children, it can really damage us. What makes it even worse is when those who have been entrusted to protect our little ones are the offenders.

Goldia Marie Lipsky, a 63-year-old day care owner, was arrested for the second time in two weeks after being caught on surveillance camera footage allegedly assaulting children she was watching. On January 25, Lipsky, owner of Reach for the Sky Academy LLC in-home day care, was arrested and charged with multiple offences related to the incident of child abuse. As reported by WSB-TV, the charges included one count of aggravated assault, two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree and five counts of cruelty to children in the third degree. Fortunately for her, she was granted bond out of jail on January 27.

However, upon further investigation by detectives from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, more surveillance videos were uncovered which showed Lipsky abusing multiple children over a period of one week, resulting in her arrest once again on February 8 with 17 counts of cruelty to children and no bond allowed this time around. The detectives are still trying to access more CCTV footage as extra charges can be expected if any incriminating evidence is found during their investigations.

This horrifying case serves as yet another reminder that we need measures in place to ensure all childcare services are provided within safe and secure environments free from any physical or verbal abuse and exploitation. Moreover, it is important for parents and guardians to thoroughly inspect any day care facilities before entrusting them with the safety and wellbeing of their young ones.


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