Elon Musk Plans to Remove Feature from “X” Platform

In a surprising announcement, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently stated that the option to block people on the platform will be removed in the future. Musk’s comment came as a response to a tweet questioning the need for blocking when muting is available. This decision has sparked a significant amount of backlash and concern among users who rely on the block feature as a means of filtering unwanted content and protecting themselves from harassment.

The Difference between Muting and Blocking

On Twitter, muting and blocking are two distinct features with different functions. When you mute an account, you prevent their content from appearing in your feed, but they can still follow you, see your tweets, and interact with your content. However, their replies to your tweets won’t be visible to you, and you won’t receive notifications for their replies unless you follow them.

Blocking, on the other hand, goes a step further. When you block someone, they are unable to see your content, follow you, or interact with you in any way. This includes replying to your tweets, retweeting, and favoriting your posts. Blocking is often considered a safety feature, allowing users to restrict specific accounts from contacting them and viewing their tweets.

Musk’s Perspective on Blocking

Elon Musk’s argument for removing the block feature is that it “makes no sense.” He believes that muting should be the sole method of filtering content on Twitter. By eliminating the block feature, spam accounts and harassers will be able to interact with users who would have otherwise blocked them. Musk does mention that the block feature will still be available for direct messages, suggesting that it may have some value in private conversations.

User Concerns and Backlash

The potential removal of the block feature has generated significant backlash from Twitter users. Many rely on blocking as a means of protecting themselves from harassment and filtering out unwanted content. Blocking has become an essential tool for users who experience spam replies or prioritize their feed by removing unwanted or abusive accounts. Public figures, in particular, have utilized blocking to remove harassment from their timelines.

Twitter’s Stance on Blocking

Twitter acknowledges the importance of blocking as a tool for users to control their experience on the platform. According to the company’s help page, blocking restricts specific accounts from contacting users, viewing their tweets, and following them. Additionally, Twitter allows users who have been blocked by others to continue blocking accounts, including those that have blocked them.

The Future of Blocking on Twitter

Despite Musk’s announcement, it is unclear whether the removal of the block feature will actually be implemented. The backlash from users may influence Musk’s decision, as has been the case with previous announcements. The timing of the potential removal is also unknown.


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