‘The Blind Side’ Actor Comes to Sandra Bullock’s Defense

The Blind Side, a heartwarming film based on the true story of former NFL player Michael Oher, has recently sparked controversy and allegations surrounding the Tuohy family. Amidst the hate mob’s call for Sandra Bullock, who portrayed Leigh Ann Tuohy in the film, to relinquish her Oscar, actor Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher, has stepped forward to defend her.

The Allegations and the Backstory

The Blind Side tells the inspiring tale of Michael Oher, a young man with a troubled past who finds hope and support in the Tuohy family. The Tuohys took him into their home during his time at a private high school in Memphis, Tennessee, ultimately helping him excel in football and pursue a college education. However, recent allegations by Oher have challenged the narrative portrayed in the film.

Oher alleges that the Tuohy family profited off his life story without his consent. According to Breitbart News, Oher claims that he did not receive any financial benefit from the film’s success, while the Tuohy family allegedly earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, Oher asserts that the adoption portrayed in the film was a lie, and instead, he signed a conservatorship document that gave the Tuohys control over his finances and business deals.

The Tuohy family has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that Michael Oher was considered part of their family and that they took legal steps to ensure his well-being and education. They claim that they have always shared the profits from the film with Oher and even set up a trust account for his son. The family’s legal representatives assert that Oher attempted to blackmail them for $15 million before filing the lawsuit.

The Call for Sandra Bullock to Relinquish Her Oscar

In the midst of the controversy, some individuals have called for Sandra Bullock, who won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Leigh Ann Tuohy, to return her award. These critics argue that Bullock should be held accountable for her involvement in a film that allegedly misrepresents Oher’s story and allowed the Tuohy family to profit from it.

However, Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in The Blind Side, has come to Bullock’s defense. He argues that Bullock should not be blamed for the controversy as she was simply an actress hired to do a job. Aaron emphasizes that Bullock’s performance was exceptional and deserving of recognition, and that it would be unfair to strip her of her Oscar based on the current allegations surrounding the film.

Quinton Aaron’s Defense of Sandra Bullock

In an interview with Fox News, Quinton Aaron expressed his support for Sandra Bullock in the face of the hate and criticism she has received. He acknowledges that there is a lot of negativity and hate in today’s society, and people are quick to jump to conclusions and make demands without considering all the facts.

Aaron firmly states that Bullock has nothing to feel guilty for in her portrayal of Leigh Ann Tuohy. He highlights that she was hired to play a role and did so exceptionally well, which led to her deserving recognition and ultimately winning the prestigious Oscar. Aaron questions why someone would want to take away her well-earned reward based on allegations that arose 14 years after the film’s release.

Furthermore, Aaron emphasizes that Sandra Bullock is currently going through her own personal struggles, having recently lost her longtime partner Bryan Randall to ALS. He calls for empathy and understanding, urging the internet trolls to leave her alone and stop attacking her. Aaron relates to the pain of losing a loved one and expresses his thoughts and prayers for Bullock during this difficult time.

The Tuohy Family’s Response

Sean Tuohy, the patriarch of the Tuohy family, has responded to the allegations made by Michael Oher. He maintains that the family has been devastated by these claims and asserts that they have always acted in Oher’s best interests. According to Tuohy, the NCAA had concerns about Oher’s living arrangements with the Tuohys while he was attending Ole Miss. To address these concerns, they believed that legally establishing Oher as part of the family through a conservatorship was necessary.

Tuohy explains that they consulted lawyers who informed them that adoption was not possible for someone over the age of 18. Therefore, they pursued a conservatorship, involving Oher’s biological mother in the legal process to ensure transparency. Tuohy insists that their actions were genuine and intended to support Oher in his education and future endeavors.

The Tuohy family’s legal representatives have accused Oher of attempting to extort them for $15 million before filing the lawsuit. They argue that the family has always shared the profits from The Blind Side with Oher, and even when he refused to cash the profit checks, they deposited his share into a trust account for his son. The lawyers dismiss Oher’s claims as a cynical attempt to gain attention and promote his book.


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