Fighting God: Library Director Fired After Purposely Disrupting Event

The Hendersonville Public Library in Sumner County, Tennessee has recently made headlines after the library board voted 4-3 to terminate their director, Allan Morales. The decision came after allegations that Morales and his staff had tried to shut down an event featuring Christian actors Kirk Cameron, Missy Robertson, and Riley Gaines.

The event was a reading of Cameron’s book “As You Grow” and was scheduled to take place at the library on March 15th, 2023. However, prior to the event taking place, Morales allegedly expressed concern over the size of the crowd it would attract. He then reportedly instructed staff members to limit attendance for the event and even attempted to cancel it altogether.

This prompted backlash from local residents who felt that Morales was trying to censor their freedom of speech. In response, many people began calling for his termination and sending threats to the library board members.

In light of these events, the Sumner County Library Board held a meeting on Wednesday where they ultimately decided to fire Morales effective immediately. Following this decision, several members of the community have come out in support of Morales’ dismissal while others have argued that he should not have been fired for simply expressing his opinion about an event taking place at his workplace.

This incident has sparked a larger conversation about censorship and free speech in public libraries across America. It is also important to note that this is not an isolated incident as similar controversies have occurred in other states such as California and Texas in recent years.

Ultimately, this situation serves as a reminder that public libraries are places where everyone should feel welcome regardless of their beliefs or opinions. It also highlights how important it is for library directors like Allan Morales to be mindful when making decisions about events taking place at their facilities so as not to infringe upon anyone’s right to free speech or expression.


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