‘Full House’ Star Calls His Ex-Wife ‘the Devil’ as He Opens Up About ‘Painful’ Divorce

In a shocking revelation, beloved “Full House” star, John Stamos, has recently opened up about his tumultuous divorce from actress Rebecca Romijn. The actor, known for his charming smile and lighthearted on-screen persona, confessed that he saw Romijn as “the devil” during their split.

The Shattering Split

Stamos and Romijn, who were married for five years, separated in 2004 and finalized their divorce in 2005. The breakup was a devastating blow to Stamos, who described it as “shattering.” For years, the actor struggled to come to terms with the end of their relationship, blaming Romijn for the pain he felt.

“I just hated her,” Stamos admitted in a candid interview with People. “I couldn’t believe how much I hated her, and it ruined my life.”

Self-Reflection and Redemption

As time passed, Stamos began to recognize the role he played in the dissolution of their marriage. He realized that he too was to blame for their split and acknowledged his own shortcomings. Despite the humiliation he felt, Stamos came to a profound realization:

“Maybe I wasn’t the victim. Maybe I was as much to blame as her.”

This newfound perspective allowed Stamos to reflect on his own actions and take responsibility for his part in the breakdown of their relationship.

Perception vs. Reality

One prevailing perception surrounding Stamos and Romijn’s divorce was that she left him because her career was thriving while his was not. The actor acknowledged this perception, stating:

“It was very much the opinion that she dumped me because her career was going great and mine wasn’t. I don’t blame her for it. It was just the perception that people took.”

Stamos admits that there may have been some truth to this perception, as Romijn was indeed enjoying success at the time while he was facing professional challenges. However, he recognizes that this does not absolve him of his own role in their separation.

A Journey to Sobriety

Following the divorce, Stamos found himself spiraling into a period of heavy drinking. He admits that he “started to kind of drink a lot” as a means of coping with the pain. However, he eventually realized that this destructive behavior was not the answer.

“I straightened up,” Stamos shared. “I realized that I needed to make a change and move forward.”

Stamos embarked on a journey to sobriety, focusing on his personal growth and finding healthier ways to cope with his emotions.

Finding Love Again

In a twist of fate, Stamos found love once more with actress Caitlin McHugh. The couple tied the knot in February 2018 and welcomed their son, Billy, just two months later. With McHugh by his side, Stamos has been able to find happiness and a sense of fulfillment in his personal life.

Romijn’s Perspective

While Stamos has been candid about his feelings, Romijn has not publicly responded to his recent revelations. However, in previous interviews, she has touched upon the painful nature of their divorce.

In a 2022 interview on “The Talk,” Romijn described the breakup as “terrible” and “very sad,” emphasizing that it felt like a failure. She expressed fond memories of Stamos but also acknowledged the difficulty of the decision to end their marriage.

Moving On

Both Stamos and Romijn have moved on since their divorce. Romijn found love with actor Jerry O’Connell, and they have been happily married since 2007. The couple shares twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie.

Stamos, on the other hand, has found solace in his marriage to McHugh and the joys of parenthood. The actor’s journey through heartbreak and self-reflection has ultimately led him to a place of healing and personal growth.


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