Hockey Fan Gets Instant Karma After Using Racial Slur

On Wednesday night last week, during the Dallas Stars’ victory over the Minnesota Wild, a heated dispute between two spectators quickly turned physical after an unruly fan wearing a Jamie Benn jersey made a derogatory remark. Arguing with another male, the fan in the No.14 jersey appeared very agitated and challenged the other spectator to step in for a fight.

He shouted profanities and racial slurs, including using the N-word. As soon as this happened, the fan wearing a black shirt reacted fast and threw a punch at Benn-jersey wearer’s face, knocking him into the seats behind him. After this initial shock and confusion, both men began to struggle before stadium security stepped in to intervene.

The incident is an unfortunate reminder that hate speech is still present among some members of society and can easily derail any kind of social interaction without warning. This outburst of bigotry has no place in sports venues or anywhere else for that matter.

The observer’s lack of judgement in such an environment was deeply concerning and detrimental to people around them who were simply hoping to enjoy their evening at the game. It also serves as a reminder that we should all strive to treat people with respect regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, especially when attending professional sporting events which by nature involve strong emotions from fans on either side of comparison.

The incident with the Dallas Stars fan is an important reminder that racism is still a problem in society…even though he was just saying this to a white guy, but we need to move beyond racism as a society. We should all think twice about the things we say before we say them. This country could and would be a much better place to live if we could rid it of racism altogether.


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