Hotel Worker Shares Dirtiest Part of the Room That Gets Cleaned Once A Year

When you stay overnight at a hotel, you naturally expect everything to be spotless and clean when you enter the room, from the freshly changed bed sheets to the newly folded towels. Evangeline, an employee at a hotel, has recently made a disclosure about the cleanliness of rooms that has left many people stunned.

In her viral TikTok video, Evangeline revealed five things she would never do in a hotel – one of which was using any sort of TV remote without first wiping it down with an anti-bacterial wipe. As many guests are known to simply pick up and use the remote as soon as they enter their room, this could pose a potential health hazard if not done properly.

Furthermore, Evangeline highly recommends double-checking to ensure that everyone in your party is listed on the reservation before getting your own key. This way, if someone leaves and takes their key with them and the other person needs access to the room, they will be allowed entry since they were named on the reservation form.

But according to Evangeline’s claims, these two items are not even close to being the dirtiest items in hotel rooms, that distinction goes to bedspreads found at the foot of beds. She warned viewers never to sit on or make themselves comfortable with those bedspreads as they can often go months without being washed or changed for new ones. Even some upper-scale hotels who use white flat sheets in place of traditional bedspreads don’t always clean them regularly enough for her taste.

The same goes for drinking glasses provided by hotels. Evangeline suggests washing them yourself before using them instead of relying on housekeeping staff who may have too little time between guest turnovers for proper cleaning procedures.


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The woman’s claims were met with shock and disbelief from viewers who vowed never again touch any part of their hotel room until they’d given it a thorough wipe-down with anti-bacterial wipes or sprays.

Many former housekeeping employees chimed in saying it was very common not to get enough time between guests’ exits and arrivals for proper sanitation procedures to take effect, making it essential for visitors themselves to take extra warning when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene while away from home.

As the husband of someone who has worked as a cleaner at a hotel in the past, I can acknowledge that at least a large part of this is correct. However, my wife said that they did clean the sheets more often, however, they really didn’t get that clean because they would pack the washers with absolutely as many sheets as they could cram into it in order to save money. Therefore, the sheets aren’t really getting cleaned and penetrated with soap as they should.


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