The Secret Trick Restaurant Workers Use If They Want You to Leave

Working in a restaurant can be quite an exhausting job, especially when customers are excessively demanding and make everything much more difficult than it needs to be. One waitress recently revealed her secret technique which she applies to tables of customers she’s not particularly fond of, however, this trick could come in handy even when you’re the one eating out.

In a viral video on TikTok, @tastyriah showed a receipt she had with her while explaining that she usually prints off bills ahead of time for such tables, instead of waiting for them to ask for it. Usually, when requested, the server goes away to their computer and prints the bill before bringing it back to you, but if they’ve already got it ready and pull it out of their pocket upon request, then this might indicate that they’re hinting at wanting you to leave soon.


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Many other restaurant workers commented on the video agreeing that they use the same technique as well in order to encourage certain customers to depart from their section quickly. “I will just leave this here whenever you are ready” one person wrote, “Sets it closer to the man so he knows he gotta pay”. Another added: “Me saying no rush when I want them to rush more than they ever have before”. Aside from these comments, some people were creative enough with their own ideas for getting people out without obviously telling them so – one user stated, “Why do we all say ‘no rush, whenever you’re ready’? We gotta come up with a new hint for them to leave soon!”

However, as many other commenters noted as well, sometimes situations can take the opposite route, too. There are times when the customer is eager to pay and go home yet is being ignored by the staff entirely. At such moments customers must try and stand their ground firmly and insist on having their payment taken care of or else they might end up waiting longer than necessary in hopes of getting some attention from members of staff.


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