Trained Psychologist Shares 8 Body Language Hacks to Control Others

Psychologist and life coach Francesca Tighinean, who graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor’s in psychology, recently shared eight body language hacks on her TikTok account @francescapsychology that could help viewers take control of any situation they find themselves in. The two videos showcasing these tips have garnered a total of 1.15 million views and 160,700 likes combined.

The first tip was to stand in a “dominance display”, putting your hands on your hips in a “Superman” pose will help express dominance and show others that you are alert and informed about the discussion topic at hand. Tighinean’s second suggestion was to push away from the table if you want to indicate disagreement or a negative response to whatever is being discussed.

Tighinean went on to explain what she referred to as ‘surrogate touching,’ which can act as flirting and send someone the message that you’re interested in them without having to say a word. To do this, she suggested stroking an object like cup or pen against one’s lips as a signal of wanting intimacy with the person they are interacting with.

Additionally, clearing away objects between you was another body language hack she revealed which signals that the person “feels good” and “likes you”, they don’t want anything in their way of getting closer to you. Alternatively, if someone feels bad or disconnected from you they might use objects to create a barrier between the two of you by placing something such as cup between you both.


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In addition to these five body language tricks for controlling any situation, Tighinean also released three more related hand/body language tricks for doing so via her TikTok account. Using what she called the ‘church steeple’ position involves touching your fingertips together with your thumbs pointing upward indicating confidence and everything is alright, placing your hands over each other lets people know who is leading the group, and using the palms of your hands sends out either friendly or dominant signals depending on whether it is facing up or down respectively.


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Tighthean has gained quite a reputation among TikTok users for discussing psychological insights relevant to life coaching as well as topics like profile pictures revealing messages about inferiority, making her content highly popular among those seeking advice on how to handle different social situations confidently and effectively.

Give these a try the next time you’re around someone, because body language can be very powerful.


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