How to Make Whipped Coffee

Coffee is that type of drink that is not only meant to be enjoyed in the morning with breakfast while you watch or read the news, but it’s also a good companion when looking for a reason to meet with friends to catch up or just to enjoy one another’s company. But have you ever heard of whipped coffee?

You may have already seen it on social media and are curious about its flavor and how it is prepared. Interestingly enough, this coffee actually has two layers; one layer with foam that stands out and another at the bottom which is completely liquid. It looks delicious, and honestly, almost like a dessert. Many people have become curious about this coffee.

Before teaching you how to prepare whipped coffee, here’s an interesting fact about it. Did you know that it is originally from Korea? That’s right. It comes from Seoul and was created under the inspiration of a candy made from baking soda and sugar. It went viral the moment a Korean actor shared a video online on how to prepare it, and from that moment on, it became a worldwide challenge.

Many people from all over the world have begun to prepare their own whipped coffee at home.

Now, to get into the good stuff. If you’ve never made it before, here’s our easy-to-follow recipe for making your perfect whipped coffee without failing in the process. From what you will see below, it is not as difficult as it seems, just follow the instructions below.

First, you will need the following ingredients:

2 tablespoons of instant coffee (Folgers or Nescafe for example)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of hot water

Step 1:

Pour your coffee into a bowl along with the sugar and hot water. With a hand whisk or an electric mixer begin whipping the ingredients. As you do this, you will notice that the mixture will begin changing color. It should also begin to turn frothy and creamy. Keep beating until you see that peaks begin to form.

Step 2:

Pour the milk (hot or cold) into a cup or a glass depending on your personal preference, and fill it about halfway.

Step 3:

Finally, take a spoon and scoop some of the whipped coffee mixture and add the cream to your liking on top of the milk. When you go to drink it, mix it well with the help of a spoon.

Step 4:

If you’re a lover of cold or iced coffees, then you can add some ice. The cream will not be affected if it is mixed with the ice.

Bonus Tip:

You can sprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa powder on top as well. I personally enjoy mine with a plate of cookies.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and have fun with this. As you can see, it’s not too difficult and is a fun option to serve your family and friends. You can even experiment with other ingredients such as vanilla or various liqueurs for flavor.


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