An Inspiring Story of Generosity: 12-Year-Old Boy Scout Gives Back to His Community

At just 12 years old, Jonathan Werner is making a difference in his community in a big way. The Boy Scout from Cambridge, Minnesota, recently completed a successful fundraising campaign, selling over $56,000 in Boy Scout popcorn. Jonathan has earned a significant amount of money and is using it to generously purchase Christmas gifts for foster children in several counties, including four in their entirety and part of a fifth.

He is selflessly performing this act of kindness without seeking any sort of recognition or acclaim, simply out of the goodness of his heart. Jonathan’s father was in foster care when he was a kid, which inspired the young boy to make sure the holiday season was special for those in need.

Jonathan has spent several days shopping for the gifts at various stores, including Kohl’s, Walmart, Fleet Farm, and Amazon. He is expected to have purchased 600 gifts by the time he is done shopping. He is then organizing a gift-wrapping party, where he and fellow scouts will wrap the presents for the foster children.

Jonathan’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the power of giving. He is making sure that children in his community who are going through a difficult time have something to smile about this holiday season.

His generosity is an example of what it means to be a good neighbor, and a reminder that we all have something to give, no matter how young or old we are.

Jonathan’s story is an inspiring example of how one person can make a difference in their community. He is making an impact not only in his own community, but also in the lives of so many children across the state. His compassion and generosity are a reminder to us all that we can all make a difference if we put our minds to it.

Photo Credit: Credit: Chad Nelson/KARE


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