Man Behind Viral Illusion Online Charged with Crime

You may remember the dress that sparked a global debate in 2015: was it black and blue or white and gold? The optical illusion was posted on Tumblr by a friend of the couple who wore it to their wedding, and soon went viral as celebrities and ordinary people alike weighed in on the mystery.

But what happened to the couple behind the dress? Keir Johnston, 38, and Grace Johnston, 36, from the Isle of Colonsay in Scotland, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after the viral sensation, where they received a $10,000 check and a trip to the Caribbean. They seemed happy and in love, but according to recent reports, their marriage was far from perfect.

Keir Johnston is now facing charges of attempted murdеr, аssаult, and coercive control over his wife. He allegedly subjected her to an 11-year campaign of domеstic violеncе that escalated to him trying to strаnglе her with his hands and a knifе in March 2022. He also allegedly isolated her from her friends and family, monitored her money and movements, and draggеd her out of a pub by putting her in a headlock.

He appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday and denied all allegations against him. The case will go to trial in 2024. Grace Johnston has not commented publicly on the matter.

This shocking news has stunned many people who followed the dress phenomenon six years ago. How could a seemingly happy couple end up in such a tragic situation? What led Keir Johnston to allegedly abuse his wife for over a decade? And how did Grace Johnston cope with the ordeal?

These are some of the questions that we hope to answer in this blog post, based on the available information from various sources. We will also explore the psychological effects of domestic violеncе and coercive control, and how victims can seek help and support.


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