Man Causes Outrage After What He Did on Plane

Passengers on a recent flight were left horrified when a fellow traveler played the violent video game Scarlet Hollow on his laptop during the entire duration of the journey. The game, which is known for its graphic and disturbing content, caused outrage among the passengers, and many called for the airline to take action against the individual.

The game, which centers around a series of gruesome murders in a small town, features graphic depictions of violence, including blood, gore, and mutilation. Several passengers reported seeing clips of the game on the man’s laptop screen, and found the content to be disturbing and inappropriate for a public space like an airplane cabin.

Many of the passengers felt that the man’s behavior was not only inconsiderate but also potentially harmful to others on board. Some of the clips they saw included images of people being brutally murdered and violent scenes of torture, and many felt that the man’s lack of regard for the feelings of others was highly disturbing.

On social media, passengers shared their outrage at the man’s behavior, calling for airlines to implement stricter regulations on what passengers are allowed to play or watch on their electronic devices during flights. Some even called for airlines to ban violent video games altogether in order to create a safer and more pleasant environment for all passengers.

He took to Reddit’s ‘Am I the a**hole’ forum to explain that the woman he was sat next to for the duration of the flight stopped him as they were leaving.

He wrote: “She remarked to me that the game I was playing was very disturbing and that it was rude of me to play something like that in a public space where people or kids could see it without meaning to. She said she’d been upset by them and also pointed out that there were young kids in the row behind us. Oops.

“I apologised for bothering her, although I don’t know why she didn’t ask me to stop during the flight if the images bothered her, I would have! The kids I genuinely hadn’t noticed (they were very well-behaved), but anyway their parents didn’t complain and I got no signals that they’d been upset or even seen what I was doing.”

The incident has shone a light on the debate surrounding violent video games and whether or not they are suitable for public consumption. While some argue that they are harmless forms of entertainment, others believe that they can be highly disturbing and potentially harmful to individuals who are exposed to them.


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