McDonald’s April Fools Prank Backfires

Everyone is well aware that you can’t take anything you hear or read on April Fool’s Day at face value, since there’s always a chance it could be an attempt to fool someone. But McDonald’s has managed to anger plenty of people with its 2023 prank, with its victims feeling that the fast food chain went too far.

The Australian branch of McDonald’s announced a new menu item yesterday – the McFry – causing mass hysteria among fans. The photo they provided was very convincing; it depicted a beef patty burger filled with delicious fries, so you wouldn’t have to stuff them in yourself.

“No need to get your hands dirty! We’ve taken the classic Quarter Pounder and added Australia’s favorite fries for extra convenience,” the post on their Instagram page gleefully declared. “The ultimate Mac-hack now comes made to order – get your hands on the McFry today!”

McDonald’s even enlisted the help of Melbourne-based food blogger Ange Eats to promote their new creation; he could be seen tucking into this new burger, claiming it was “mega.” And why wouldn’t it be? After all, this culinary masterpiece combined all the flavors of a classic Cheeseburger (beef patty, cheese, onions, pickles and tomato sauce) with everyone’s favorite side dish – fries! It seemed like many people wanted this burger to become reality ASAP, begging McDonalds not to play such cruel tricks on them. One frustrated Aussie wrote: “I’d actually eat this Macca’s… don’t play games with me!” while another fumed: “This looks really good… been doing it ourselves for years”.

Alas, this wasn’t a real thing either – yet another April Fools’ Day prank by McDonalds that left its fans feeling burned. This faux burger followed up on their other infamous prank from 2019 – the McPickle Burger – which also received similar reactions from disappointed customers who took to social media exclaiming: “Omfg if this is an April Fool’s joke imma be mad.”


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