New Twist in Woman Claiming to be Madeleine McCann After DNA Test

Julia Faustyna, or Julia Wendell as she also goes by, is a 21-year-old Polish woman who believes she could be Madeleine McCann, the British child who disappeared in 2007 while on vacation with her family in Portugal. Her claims have seen her gain tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok due to similarities between the two in terms of age and appearance. In an effort to uncover the truth behind her theory, Julia has submitted samples for three different forensic examinations to establish her DNA sequence and ancestry.

Private investigator Dr. Fia Johansson has relocated Julia from Poland to a safe house in the United States for protection following death threats, and will submit any results from the tests to Portuguese investigators should they show that Julia’s origin is from the same region as Madeleine’s parents – Gerry and Kate McCann.

Julia herself has noted that details of her childhood don’t add up, which fuels her belief that she was abducted as a toddler; additionally, she claims to possess features similar to Madeleine such as a spot in her right eye and a beauty mark on her cheek. However, Pawel Noga from the Provincial Police Headquarters Wroclaw recently declared that authorities had “ruled out” Julia’s version of events being true.

In response Dr. Johansson assured doubters that “no police officers in Poland said” whether Julia was or wasn’t Madeleine McCann – this was “all lies” according to the psychic medium private investigator – before adding plans are also underway to “force” Julia’s mother into taking a DNA test too. On top of this speculation has emerged online suggesting that instead of being Madeleine McCann, Julia could actually be Livia Schepp, another missing child who vanished with twin sister Alessia aged six back in 2011.

Dr. Johansson commented on these rumors by saying Julia is open minded about potentially being another missing child, before confirming intentions to carry out a DNA test with Livia’s family as well should it be necessary.


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