NFL Star Missing After Mother Found Dead

In a tragic turn of events, the mother of NFL star Sergio Brown has been found dead in a creek in a Chicago suburb. Myrtle Brown, 73, was discovered unresponsive on Saturday evening, while authorities were searching for both her and her son. Sergio Brown, who last played for the Buffalo Bills, remains missing. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Myrtle’s death was a result of multiple injuries due to assault, ruling it a homicide.

The Disappearance of Sergio and Myrtle Brown

Sergio and Myrtle Brown were reported missing on Saturday, prompting a search by the Maywood Police Department. Sergio, a former NFL player, had not been seen since the time of his mother’s disappearance. Authorities discovered Myrtle’s body in a creek near her home, less than 100 yards away. The investigation into Myrtle’s death is ongoing, while the police continue their efforts to locate Sergio.

Community Shock and Grief

Neighbors and community members expressed shock and grief upon learning about Myrtle’s tragic death. Carlos Cortez, Myrtle’s next-door neighbor, described her as an outstanding woman and expressed his hope that she finds peace in the afterlife. He also mentioned that Sergio had been acting differently in recent months and appeared to be out of his mind. The community is devastated by the loss of Myrtle and the uncertainty surrounding Sergio’s whereabouts.

Desperate Plea for Sergio’s Return

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Myrtle’s son Nick Brown paid tribute to his mother and made a desperate plea for his brother Sergio to come home. Nick thanked everyone for their support and expressed his determination to get through this difficult time together. He described his mother as strong, caring, and funny, and promised not to let her down. Nick’s message ended with a plea for anyone with information about Sergio’s whereabouts to contact the Maywood Police Department.

Sergio Brown’s NFL Career

Sergio Brown began his NFL career as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots in 2010. He went on to play for the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and finally the Buffalo Bills before retiring in 2017. Sergio’s talent and dedication to the game earned him recognition throughout his career.

Investigations and Ongoing Efforts

As authorities continue their investigation into Myrtle’s death and the disappearance of Sergio Brown, they urge anyone with information to come forward. The Maywood Police Department is actively working to locate Sergio and bring him safely back to his family. The community and law enforcement are hopeful for a resolution to this heartbreaking situation.

Tragedy Strikes Close to Home

The shocking events surrounding the disappearance of Sergio Brown and the death of his mother have left the community in disbelief. People often witness such tragedies on television, but having it happen next door is an unimaginable tragedy. The loss of Myrtle and the uncertainty surrounding Sergio’s well-being have deeply affected the community, reminding everyone of the fragility of life.


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