Passengers Panic After Cruise Ship Turns into Titanic Nightmare

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, you might want to think twice before booking a cruise with Carnival. That’s what some passengers learned the hard way when they boarded the Carnival Sunshine for a six-day cruise of the Bahamas over the Memorial Day weekend.

The cruise ship, which was returning to Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday, May 26, encountered a severe storm that battered the vessel for hours, causing water to flood the hallways, glass to shatter, furniture to fly and doors to break. The passengers were terrified as they felt the ship tilt and sway in the raging waves and winds. Some of them suffered minor injuries and needed medical assistance.

The storm was so powerful that it delayed the ship’s arrival by nine hours and forced some crew cabins to be temporarily taken out of service due to water damage. The next voyage of the Carnival Sunshine was also postponed as a result.

The passengers were not happy with the way the cruise staff handled the situation. They complained that there was a lack of communication from the captain and crew, who only made one announcement in the afternoon to inform them that they were heading into a storm and that they had an experienced team on board. They also said that they did not receive any compensation or apology from Carnival for their ordeal.

Some passengers shared videos and photos of their nightmare experience on social media, showing the extent of the damage and chaos on board. They also expressed their anger and frustration with Carnival and vowed never to cruise with them again .

Carnival issued a statement saying that the safety of their guests and crew was their top priority and that they regretted any inconvenience caused by the weather. They also said that they were working to restore normal operations as soon as possible.

However, this is not the first time that Carnival has faced criticism for its handling of a crisis. In 2013, the Carnival Triumph cruise ship lost power after an engine room fire and drifted in the Gulf of Mexico for four days with no air conditioning, overflowing toilets and limited food and water. The passengers dubbed it the “poop cruise” and sued Carnival for negligence and emotional distress.

Carnival is one of the largest cruise operators in the world, with 26 ships and over 5 million passengers annually. But after this latest incident, some of them might think twice before sailing with them again.


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