Troy Aikman Speaks on Tom Brady Returning in 2023

Troy Aikman, the legendary former quarterback and current Monday Night Football broadcaster, recently weighed in on the possibility of Tom Brady playing for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023. While it’s unlikely that Brady will return to football after becoming a part-owner of the Raiders earlier this year, Aikman believes “nothing is off the table” when it comes to his former rival.

Aikman and Brady have a long history together, having faced off against each other multiple times during their respective careers. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Aikman said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Brady returning to football with the Raiders. He noted that despite Brady’s age and recent ownership stake in the team, “stranger things have happened.”

When asked about his thoughts on Brady potentially playing for the Raiders in 2023, Aikman said he was open to the idea but didn’t think it was likely. He also pointed out that due to league rules, it would be difficult for Brady to play while also owning a stake in the team.

In addition to his comments about Brady possibly playing for the Raiders again, Aikman also noted that he believes there is still plenty of time for him to make a decision about his future. He said that if Brady does decide to return to football next year, then he could still be an effective player at 45 years old.

While it remains unclear whether or not Tom Brady will make a comeback with the Las Vegas Raiders next year, one thing is certain: Troy Aikman isn’t ruling anything out just yet. With so much time left before 2023 rolls around, anything could happen between now and then.


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