Prince Andrew Bucked Out of Buckingham Following the King’s Orders

King Charles III has recently taken stern action against his brother, the Duke of York Prince Andrew, who was embroiled in a scandal involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Following the allegations that arose against the 62-year-old Royal Family member, the King has apparently chosen to bar him from using Buckingham Palace as an office or corresponding address.

This eviction comes after Queen Consort Camilla took over the Duke’s role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards and after Home Office minister Norman Baker suggested that Prince Andrew should pay for his own security guards instead of burdening taxpayers with it.

Apart from these measures, there are further reports suggesting that the King might move to exclude Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Harry from acting as official stand-ins if he should ever become incapacitated according to the Regency Act of 1937. This act allows a monarch’s spouse and the next four in line for the throne to be called up to act on behalf of their King or Queen if necessary.

In response to all these events, Buckingham Palace announced earlier this year that they had returned Prince Andrew’s military titles and royal patronage due to his failed attempts at having a civil case thrown out. The Duke then issued a statement regretting his association with Epstein and stated that he would make a substantial donation towards Giuffre’s charity.

Surprisingly enough, despite being ostracized by other members of the Royal Family, Prince Andrew was still seen walking behind them during their Christmas service at Church Sandringham in Norfolk last month as reported by Fox News.

This whole ordeal has left many wondering how long it will take for Prince Andrew’s reputation to recover from such a damaging scandal. Nevertheless, it appears there is nothing else left for him to do but wait for time to heal all wounds and hope that one day he will again enjoy privileges such as using Buckingham Palace as an office or corresponding address without any repercussions from higher authorities in place.


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