Renter Discovers Disgusting Source of Grime and Smell in Her Shower

Julia Lang-Malone, a renter on the Gold Coast in Australia and her family have been facing an unpleasant smell coming from their bathroom ever since they moved into their home last year. After discovering the source of this stench, she was completely and utterly disgusted by what she found!

No matter how hard she tried, the putrid smell lingered – and then Ms. Lang-Malone made a shocking discovery: thousands of cigarette butts tucked away in secret compartments behind the shower panels!

The lingering aroma of nicotine from the prior occupants was so powerfully embedded in the walls and carpets of this home that it could be detected as soon as you entered.

In a state of shock, Ms. Lang-Malone surveyed the destruction caused by her previous tenants – the entire shower had been dismantled in order to access leftover cigarette butts and traces were even leaking onto the bathroom tiles due to a hole at the base of its aluminum frame. Labeling this negligence as “laziness”, she was appalled at what she saw.

“It‘s really, really stinky,” she said via Yahoo News. ”We’ve basically wrecked the whole shower — which is a bummer — to get access to the cigarettes, but we didn’t have much choice because it was so disgusting and we were desperate.”

“What’s most annoying is there‘s a balcony two steps from the ensuite, but they’ve got thousands of cigarettes in the bathroom.”

“They smoked in the whole house. All the carpet from the stairs to the second floor has turned green from nicotine and you can see it used to be blue,” she continued.

“All the woodwork in the house was yellow, the toilet was stained yellow, there’s nicotine dripping down the walls. I’ve never seen anything like it. And there‘s cigarettes burns in the carpet in the master bedroom.”


Replying to @ThisIzMe-Peta1979 Weve done unrepearable damage but we got in 😅

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