Fight Breaks Out After Golden State Player Kicks

When I was a kid, I loved basketball. I loved playing basketball, and I loved watching it on TV. Honestly, until the NBA started going woke, I still watched it, but once they started introducing all of the liberal propaganda. However, when I did watch the NBA, the team that I was quite fond of was the Golden State Warriors. They have had several great and entertaining players on the team for many years, and that’s what really drew me to them.

After a period of time in which it seemed Draymond Green had eliminated kicking from his repertoire, the Golden State Warriors star forward has shown us he still possesses that infamous temper. Despite past occurrences, we can see that this form of retaliation is very much alive and well within him.

As the Warriors faced off against their opponents, the New Orleans Pelicans, during a Tuesday night game they would ultimately win 120-109, Green and Pelican small forward Herb Jones got tangled up in an altercation. This resulted in a brief scuffle between them with Green appearing to kick at Jones’ head.

Take a look at what happened:

Moments before the altercation occurred, Brandon Ingram of the Pelicans and Draymond Green both received technicals.

Admittedly, I’m a Draymond Green fan. It’s hard not to be when you witness him strutting around as if he owns the place with four championship rings adorning his fingers! What’s more impressive is that he backs it all up by consistently producing on the court – after all, we’re talking about an NBA champion four times over here. All-in-all, watching this guy in action is quite amusing and entertaining.

But to be trying to kick people in the head…well, that might be a little too much. But it does seem like something reminiscent of NBA basketball in the 90s.


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