‘Saved by the Bell’ Fans Worried for Tiffani Thiessen After She Posts Chilling Photos

If you grew up watching ‘Saved by the Bell’, you probably remember Tiffani Thiessen as the popular and cheerful Kelly Kapowski, who captured the hearts of many viewers with her charm and beauty. But lately, the actress has been showing a different side of herself on social media, one that has some fans concerned for her well-being.

Thiessen, who also starred in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and ‘White Collar’, has been posting selfies of herself submerged in ice baths, a practice that involves sitting in a tub filled with ice and water for a few minutes. The 49-year-old actress claims that she enjoys taking ice baths as part of her self-care routine, and even has her husband, artist Brady Smith, join her sometimes.

“Sundays at 32 degrees,” she captioned one of her posts on February 5, where she smiled at the camera while wearing a black shirt, sunglasses, and a baseball hat. In another post on February 20, she wore a pink beanie that said “Embrace the Suck” and had a rubber duck floating next to her.


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While some fans praised Thiessen for her bravery and dedication, others expressed their worry and confusion about her icy habit. “What is the point of this? Is there a benefit?” one commenter asked. “Oh hell no. Come to NY and stand outside,” another joked. “Can’t do it Kelly Kapowski I will freeze like Jack on Titanic,” a third wrote.

So why does Thiessen subject herself to such extreme cold? According to health experts, ice baths can have some benefits for the body, such as reducing inflammation, easing muscle soreness, and improving blood circulation. Some athletes use ice baths as a way to recover from physical injuries or intense workouts. However, ice baths also come with some risks, such as hypothermia, skin damage, and heart problems. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a doctor before trying them out, and to limit the exposure time and temperature.

Thiessen has not revealed how often or how long she takes ice baths, or what prompted her to start doing them in the first place. But it seems like she is happy with her choice and doesn’t mind the cold. In fact, she even shared a link to an article from Cosmopolitan that explained the benefits of ice baths and featured her Instagram posts as examples.

Whether you’re a fan of ice baths or not, you have to admit that Thiessen is one tough cookie to be able to handle ice baths.


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