Trump Mask-Wearing Thief Picks the Wrong Jewelry Store: Employees Fight Back and Steal His Shirt

In a dramatic turn of events, a California jewelry store became the scene of a failed robbery when a would-be thief, sporting a Donald Trump Halloween mask, attempted a smash-and-grab heist. However, the employees of Meza’s Jewelry in El Monte, California, were not about to let their precious merchandise slip away without a fight. In a display of bravery and determination, they fought back against the assailant, ultimately driving him out of the store empty-handed.

The Failed Robbery Attempt

On a fateful Saturday afternoon, around 2:20 p.m., chaos erupted at Meza’s Jewelry as a would-be thief attempted to carry out a daring robbery. Armed with a hammer and donning a Donald Trump Halloween mask, the suspect brazenly entered the store. However, his ill-conceived plan quickly unraveled as the employees fought back with unwavering determination.

According to witnesses, the suspect unleashed pepper spray on the store workers, hoping to incapacitate them. Undeterred, the employees refused to back down and engaged in a physical struggle to defend their family-owned business. One employee recounted the harrowing experience, stating, “Me, my uncle, and my dad were tugging him out. I was trying to defend my family because, as you could see, he was hitting my dad and my uncle”.

As the confrontation escalated, the thief resorted to smashing the jewelry display cases with his hammer, attempting to seize the valuable merchandise. However, the employees’ resilience proved insurmountable. Two of them bravely resorted to punching and kicking the would-be robber, while another employee wielded a large stick to pummel the assailant. The intensity of the struggle resulted in the thief losing his shirt, a symbolic victory for the store clerks who were determined not to let the criminal escape unscathed.

The Dramatic Chase

Determined to bring the thief to justice, the employees chased the shirtless suspect as he fled the store. The scene was captured on video, showcasing the relentless pursuit by the courageous store workers. The video footage highlights the sheer determination and resilience displayed by the employees in their pursuit of justice.

In a display of audacity, the suspect attempted to evade capture by fleeing the crime scene in a gray Dodge Charger. However, the employees were undeterred and continued their chase, determined to bring the assailant to justice. The El Monte Police Department has described the suspect as a 35 to 45-year-old black man, approximately 6’1″ tall, weighing between 270 and 300 lbs, with some facial hair.

The Threats and Trump Mask Revelation

As the melee unfolded, the employees’ bravery and determination were met with escalating threats from the would-be thief. In a terrifying moment, the owner recounted, “My dad and my brother started hitting him, and then he brings out the pepper spray and started spraying everyone. We’re angry and we’re also worried because when he left, he turned to my brother and said he was gonna kill all of us”. The employees’ heroic actions were not without their share of risks, as they faced the wrath of an assailant determined to escape at any cost.

Adding a bizarre twist to the story, it was revealed by store employees that the would-be thief had entered the store wearing a Donald Trump Halloween mask, which he had concealed upon entering the premises. However, during the intense struggle, the mask came off, offering a glimpse of the assailant’s true identity. The discarded mask was subsequently turned over to the police as evidence.

Injuries and Police Investigation

While the employees of Meza’s Jewelry emerged victorious in defending their store, the confrontation did not come without consequences. Some of the store workers sustained minor injuries during the intense struggle. However, their resilience and determination played a vital role in thwarting the robbery and preventing any significant harm to their family-owned business.

Following the incident, the El Monte Police Department launched an investigation into the failed robbery attempt. They have urged anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward and assist in their efforts to bring the assailant to justice. Individuals can contact the El Monte Police Department at 626-580-2100 or provide anonymous tips by calling 800-222-TIPS.


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