Video of Man Getting Stuck in Water Slide Might Unlock Your New Fear

If you are a fan of water parks, you might have enjoyed sliding down the plastic tubes at high speed and feeling the adrenaline rush. But what if you get stuck in a water slide and can’t get out? This is what happened to a man in Malaysia, who shared his terrifying experience on TikTok.

The man, who goes by Jami, posted a video of himself getting stuck in a water slide at Escape Park Penang earlier this month. The video, which has been viewed nearly 43 million times, shows Jami standing on a trap door that opens and sends him into the plastic tunnel. However, after a few seconds, he comes to a halt and starts sliding back up. He tries to crawl his way down, but gets stuck again. He can be heard shouting for help, until a staff member opens an emergency door and rescues him.

Jami later said that he was traumatized by the incident and that it was his first and last time trying that slide. He also lost part of his camera during the ordeal.

So, how can you avoid getting stuck in a water slide and what should you do if it happens to you? Here are some tips:

– Follow the instructions of the staff and the signs at the water park. They will tell you how to position yourself, how to cross your arms and legs, and how much weight you need to slide down safely.

– Wear appropriate clothing and accessories. Avoid loose clothing, jewelry, glasses, or anything that might get caught in the slide or slow you down.

– Don’t panic if you get stuck. Stay calm and try to move yourself towards the exit. If you can’t move, shout for help or bang on the slide to attract attention.

– Wait for the staff to help you. They will have access to emergency doors or tools to get you out of the slide. Don’t try to force your way out or damage the slide.

– Seek medical attention if needed. Getting stuck in a water slide can cause injuries, such as bruises, cuts, or burns. You might also experience anxiety or shock after the incident. Make sure you get checked by a doctor or a nurse if you feel unwell.

Getting stuck in a water slide is a rare and scary situation, but it can be prevented and handled with care. Remember to follow the rules, stay alert, and have fun at the water park.


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