What NOT To Do If You Want Good Hotel Service

When staying at a hotel, guests should be aware of the need to provide a credit card for incidentals and potential damages to the room before keys are given out. Many times, one of the partners will try to check in under their other half’s name and become irritated or angry when this is not allowed. This is because there is no way for staff to guarantee that it is safe for someone who has not been identified to enter the premises.

It’s not only during check-in that problems can arise, however. Guests often take their check out time for granted and fail to fully appreciate the hard work done by housekeeping staff. Late checkouts are a privilege rather than a right, and housekeeping work incredibly hard to ensure that all rooms are ready in time; as such, this privilege must be respected by ensuring they don’t go over the allotted number of late checkouts each day – that would be unfair on their coworkers.

Sometimes guests may require an earlier check-in due to special circumstances such as needing time to get ready for events or weddings, which most hotels will be willing to accommodate if possible, depending on occupancy levels from the night before. If it isn’t possible, then hotel staff will generally direct them towards any available restrooms in the lobby so they can freshen up or change clothes while they wait.

In situations like this where a guest needs an early check-in and it isn’t possible due to other bookings, remember that it’s not their fault. If you want to get good service, the best thing that you can possibly do is not be demanding and rude. Some people just feel like they’re entitled to everything, but they’re not.

It’s also important for guests to remember how hard-working many housekeeping staff are in order that they can have a comfortable stay, leaving small tips or notes of appreciation can go a long way!


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