Why Sunny Hostin’s Smile About Trump’s Imprisonment Is Causing Outrage!

Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, has once again stirred the pot with her recent comments about Donald Trump potentially facing prison time. Hostin, a lawyer, has been vocal about her hopes that Trump will end up in Rikers Island. But many find her comments not only inappropriate but also incredibly irritating. Let’s break down why Sunny Hostin has earned the title of the most unlikable person on TV.

A Lawyer’s Take on Trump’s Potential Prison Sentence

Sunny Hostin is a lawyer, but you wouldn’t know it from her comments. She recently stated that Judge Merchan has done a great job keeping the courtroom together and suggested that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office might recommend a one-year prison term for Trump. This term would be served at Rikers Island, notorious for its harsh conditions.

But why is she so adamant about this? Hostin argues that this recommendation would send a message to the community that such actions are not acceptable. She even suggested a split sentence: six months at Rikers followed by four and a half years of probation.

Hostin’s Irritating Demeanor

What really grates on people’s nerves is Hostin’s demeanor when discussing these serious matters. Her smiles and seemingly gleeful attitude when mentioning Rikers Island have not gone unnoticed. It’s hard to believe that someone can discuss sending a former president to such a notorious prison with a smile on their face.

And it’s not just her comments. Hostin’s evil laugh during these discussions is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. It’s so inappropriate and maddening that it’s astonishing The View is still on TV with her as a co-host.

The Bullshit She’s Spewing

Hostin, as a lawyer, should know better. The charges against Trump are related to a legal expense recorded on a ledger, concerning a payoff to a porn star. Hostin knows that this is within the bounds of the law. The real issue, according to prosecutors, is the claim that this payoff violated campaign finance laws.

However, many believe this claim is utter nonsense. Hostin’s portrayal of this situation is misleading at best. She knows the legalities but chooses to present a biased view, which is unacceptable for someone in her position.

The Impact of Hostin’s Comments

Hostin’s comments and demeanor have a significant impact on public perception. By presenting her biased view with such confidence, she influences her audience, many of whom might not have the legal knowledge to see through her facade. This is dangerous, as it can lead to misinformation and unnecessary outrage.

Her gleeful attitude when discussing Trump’s potential imprisonment is not only unprofessional but also harmful. It sets a negative tone and fosters division. As a lawyer and a public figure, Hostin should strive to present facts without bias and maintain a respectful demeanor.

Final Thoughts

Sunny Hostin’s recent comments about Donald Trump and her demeanor during these discussions have earned her the title of the most unlikable person on TV. As a lawyer, she should know better than to present such biased views and mislead her audience. Her inappropriate and maddening behavior only adds fuel to the fire, making it hard to believe that The View is still on TV with her as a co-host.

What do you think about Sunny Hostin’s comments and behavior? Do you agree that she is the most unlikable person on TV? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hostin, the rest of The View and the type of audience who’d applaud such twisted spew do not care that the trial was so obviously rigged. TDS marches on. Hopefully to “view” one gargantuan backfire of outrage if a massive landslide can beat the 2020 cheat come Nov. 8.


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