You Won’t Believe What Tiger Woods Handed Fellow Golfer

There’s nothing quite like some good healthy competition. At the Genesis Invitational, Tiger Woods was caught on camera handing fellow golfer Justin Thomas a tampon after outdriving him. The incident has sparked debate among fans and commentators alike, with some criticizing Woods for his behavior while others have defended it as a harmless prank.

The moment occurred during the opening round of the tournament when Woods outdrove Thomas on the ninth hole. After hitting his shot, Woods reached into his pocket and handed Thomas something that appeared to be a tampon. While some viewers were quick to criticize Woods for what they perceived as an inappropriate joke, others argued that it was simply a lighthearted prank between two friends.

Woods’ behavior has been described by some as “crass” and “disappointing,” while others have argued that it is not uncommon for professional golfers to engage in such antics on the course. While there is no denying that Woods’ actions could be seen as inappropriate, many have argued that it was nothing more than a harmless joke between two friends who are well known for their playful banter on the course.

In response to the incident, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan released a statement saying: “We understand that our players are role models and we expect them to act accordingly both on and off the course.” He went on to say that while he does not condone inappropriate behavior from any player, he believes this incident should serve as an opportunity for all players to learn from it and move forward in a positive manner.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Tiger Woods’ actions at the Genesis Invitational, it is clear that this incident has sparked debate about appropriate behavior among professional golfers.

Personally, I’m tired of everyone looking for a reason to get offended over everything. I think all of this would go away if we would just stop acknowledging their behavior. Just laugh and walk away.


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