Bride is Left Fuming After Man’s Fast Food Order During Wedding

We’ve all been there. The wedding you attend has a meal that you don’t particularly care for, or worse, it doesn’t fit your dietary restrictions. But one father recently took this to a whole new level when he allowed his son to break wedding etiquette and leave the reception for fast food. It didn’t take long for the bride and her family to become furious…and rightfully so.

According to reports, the father was aware that his son was a picky eater and knew he wouldn’t be able to eat anything offered at the reception.

“My cousin was getting married and had a lovely reception with a nice buffet.

“He wasn’t a fan of what was served so I let him leave and get some food. Word spread amongst our family where he was going, and a few people asked him to bring things back, so he did.”

The man went on to say that their table was near the dance floor so some of the wedding party could smell the food he had brought back.

He said: “Apparently the venue and the family of the bride were appalled, and I don’t understand why. It was a great party, but he wanted something different and other people did too.

The bride’s family was upset about this breach of etiquette, as leaving a wedding reception for fast food is considered rude in any culture. Many people online agreed with her sentiment.

One person wrote: “You should have arranged something beforehand instead of doing it like this.”

While another said: “Why couldn’t he wait a couple of hours until the reception was over? A lot of fast food is 24 hour.”

This incident serves as an important lesson of what not to do when attending a wedding, especially if you have picky eaters in tow! Even if your guests can’t eat what’s being served, it’s best to simply ask if there are other options or try packing something special just for them instead of letting them leave for fast food. But what do you think? Who is in the right and who is in the wrong in this situation?


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