Lunatic TikToker Claims to Be Reincarnated Tyrant

In recent weeks, a TikTok user known as Cipher has gone viral with his claims that he was Adolf Hitler reincarnated. He posted two videos to his account where he allegedly remembers Hitler’s suicide as his own and that the vision first came to him at the age of five. In the follow-up video, Cipher stated that he had a mark on his body from where Hitler shot himself.

These videos have sparked controversy and backlash from people around the world, including Gidon Lev, a Holocaust survivor who made a video saying that Cipher’s nose ring was “not cool.” According to Julie Gray, Lev’s wife, Cipher allegedly responded on the video by saying “Haha, it’s me! Sorry my men had you in a camp, ol’ pal, but I’m back for a reason.”

The controversy surrounding Cipher has inspired people to investigate more into his past. On Facebook, users have been sharing stories and digging deeper into Cipher in order to uncover any potential evidence supporting or denying his claim of being Hitler reincarnated. Many of these posts exposed other members for defending Cipher and included rampant doxing and accusations; some even attempted to get Cipher’s mother’s legal license revoked from the state where she practices law.

In addition to this Facebook group surfacing evidence about Cipher’s past, they also discovered an old Tumblr blog which expresses explicit comments about Hitler- matching up with an Instagram account that appears to belong to him as well. On this blog post (which is now deleted) he wrote about writing his version of Mein Kampf and further claiming that his mother is the reincarnation of Hitler’s mother.

Cipher recently spoke out in defense against those accusing him of carrying political views similar to those of Hitler’s stating “This is my fight – nothing to do with them.” He further elaborated on this statement by saying he doesn’t believe in “racist values” like everyone assumes and instead expressed discussion on eugenics rather than genocide.

Despite the serious implications associated with these claims made by him, many users across TikTok found humor and entertainment in this bold theory posed by Cipher; many turned it into memes or funny skits across various social media platforms.

It’s yet unclear whether or not there is any truth behind these outrageous claims made by him, however if real life followed fiction then maybe there truly is something supernatural at work here.


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