Royal Family Outraged After King Charles Keeps Entire Inheritance

Many Americans have a difficult time understanding the concept of a “royal family.” England has long boasted of its “kings and queens.” Nevertheless, the United States are the United States in no small part because of oppressive British royalty. Americans envision nobility as a personal thing. The everyday drama of a royal family doesn’t pique the interest of most.

However, like made-for-TV drama, there are those folks who become embroiled in all-things British royalty. For the most part, Great Britain’s royal family is more for show, the sort of festive pomp and circumstance that excites the good folks from across the pond. Nevertheless, recently there’s been an increase in the level of “drama.”

Much of it surrounds the lower levels of the British hierarchy. Prince Henry and his narcissistic bride Meghan Markle are the brunt of more jokes than they are serious intrigue. Another member of England’s noble elite has been smeared by alleged sexual improprieties. Some suggest Prince Andrew’s “sexual improprieties” are far more than simple improprieties.

Nonetheless, since Prince Charles assumed kingship of the perceived “fictitious throne of his mother country,” the British royal family has been more like a nighttime TV soap opera than anything noble. In fact, they’re getting rather adept at making fools of themselves. While still little more than a figurehead to the outside world, Prince Charles seems to have some degree of common sense.

He’s apparently exercising some of that common sense when it comes to the inherited fortune left by his late, great mother, Queen Elizabeth II. As soon as the second Elizabethan age came to an end, the unraveling of the royal family seemed to begin. However, King Charles III has tried feverishly to maintain some degree of royal nobility.

We hope all the drama doesn’t catch hold of the good king and render him a similar fate as the first British King Charles. King Charles I lost his head, both figuratively and in reality. But many decisions by the current King Charles appear to be an attempt to return stability to British nobility. First, he’s seemingly ignored the childish temper tantrums of Harry and Megan.

King Charles has also harshly admonished his perverted brother, Prince Andrew. Andrew has been essentially ostracized from the royal family, and with good reason. But now it’s about “all the money.” All the money is a $650 million inheritance handed down by the good queen. It seems that the good king doesn’t feel obligated to give his family much of a cut.

Some are baffled, while other members of Britain’s royal elite are outraged. Prince Andrew is one of the latter. According to reports by FOX News, Prince Andrew is humiliated and outraged at being banned from actual participation in royal events, notwithstanding the financial snub King Charles will reportedly make.

England’s Piers Morgan joined Fox Nation recently to comment on a few things happening in his native country. Host Lawrence Jones eventually asked Morgan about recent events within the royal family. Morgan didn’t mince words. He compared “the Markles,” along with many other current situations within the family, to something like America’s soap opera drama, “Dallas.”

Basically, Morgan thinks the British royal family has become a gaggle of self-absorbed, spoiled brats. It’s almost amusing to watch. For all their wealth and worldly nobility, these unelected elites have no concept of reality. They believe the world revolves around their every move. How disappointing it must be to realize that most normal people couldn’t care less.


  1. Don’t want to hear about that stupid monarchy. Glad we kicked them out 150 years ago. A king that killed his wife to marry a guy? And the dimwit queen covered it up to ‘save’ the royal family? British people deserve much more than ‘the royals’!!!


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