Bizarre Theory about the Afterlife Will Blow Your Mind…Might Explain Déjà Vu

One man has recently shared a thought-provoking and somewhat morbid theory about what happens to us after death, as well as the cause of déjà vu. Taking to TikTok to share his conspiracy, Brandon Monhollen responded to another user’s question: “What’s a conspiracy theory that absolutely blows your mind?”

Monhollen claimed that when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is actually the light to another hospital, where we are born again – and the only reason we come out crying is because we remember everything from our past life and are overwhelmed by having lost it all. As time passes and memories start to fade away, certain patches remain in our minds that can trigger déjà vu – or rather, a feeling like something happened before even though it hasn’t.

Although some social media users weren’t convinced by this idea or felt it sounded like something out of Black Mirror, others found Monhollen’s explanation intriguing and ‘made sense’ in their minds. One person commented: “Whooooooa dude!!! I think that’s the most sense anyone has ever made!!!” while someone else wrote they wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week due to how mind-blowing this theory was. Moreover, other individuals also attempted to expand upon it; one person suggested that anxieties or fears could be caused by past lives while another jokingly suggested that if you haven’t been bad enough for hell nor good enough for heaven then God keeps sending you back until judgement day.

However, Dr Karan Raj believes there is a simpler explanation behind déjà vu; he claims it is simply a glitch in the brain which occurs when new short term memory gets mistakenly stored in long term memory instead. It tricks our brain into believing it has experienced something before when in reality it hasn’t – all thanks to sloppy admin on behalf of our brains!


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